When the rain falls down in Shibuya

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Tokyo street crossings.

This is a flash photo series that was shot strictly in the rain under an umbrella at various street crossings in Tokyo. Over the recent years i’ve visited the city many times and this series was conducted out of various shoots. The purpose was to invade peoples privacy and to emphasise their personal space. I Felt the umbrellas act as protective shields literally marking private space in such a big mass of people. The result is an indeterminate atmosphere.

Personal note: The pace is high and the rate of change pushed to an extreme. I’m seeking for gestures and more abstract expressions in a mass of people, I feel disorientated and end up in some sort of dreamy state of consciousness. The crossing mass feels like a well oiled disciplined machine and individual expression becomes a blur, I seek for such thing. Some moments I get the feeling i’m in the midst of a warzone, it’s chaos. I try to grasp on to something that gives me focus. 

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