Dear visitor,

I was born and raised on the Island of Terschelling, a small beautiful Dutch Island in the North of the Netherlands.

As a teenager I was forced to study on the mainland what we used to call “aan de wal”. It meant the other world after a crossing the wadden sea with a ferry crossing of two hours.

As a child I had a natural fascination for the urban city and my curiosity grew due to the limitations of island. As a child I loved going to the mainland and cities.

After several media and audiovisual studies in the city of Leeuwarden my career as a music professional started to expand forcing me even more to get out of my home ground. The urban city with all it’s diversity, identities, authenticity and dangers had an magnetic effect on me. I looked at the urban city world with big wide open eyes like a newborn baby. For me it was chaos, mayhem and it was full of energy.

After travelling as a producer and dj for several years to most european, some american and asian cities I was forced to move to a bigger city as well. I felt I was losing the connection with my native ground more and more due to my expanding interests and growing personality and needs. It took me years to realise environments can be of influence on one’s mood and personality and personal development.

I followed my hearth and moved to the city of Rotterdam. Not just out of practical reasons, mainly because of a strong sense of attraction to this ever changing and evolving multi cultural city. I knew I could make steps regarding my other passion, “street photography”.

It was a challenge to improve my photographic skills and secondly improve social skills with my subjects. Now as a street photographer I had a pool full of interesting things to choose and hunt for. Street photography in Rotterdam learned me to overcome preconceived opinions on groups and people I had. It also challenged me to conquer some of my biggest personal fears. Not only do I shoot in Rotterdam, I travel for my work and go to various other cities and spent time there to shoot in the streets.

The streets became a place where I had to recognise myself and the unfamiliar around me.

In my personal work I want to show my little crazy world, not pretend im showing the reality. I use the reality to expose my humor, cynicism and view on the world. I’m fascinated how people blend and interact in the urban artificial environment. What fascinates me is the relation they form with their environment.

Life is short, and moments are fleeting fast. I see it as my job as a photographer to capture at least a few decisive or meaningful moments that I think are worth to show to the world.


I’m available for commercial jobs and assignments, my specialisation is artist portret photography but my skills range further than that.

I’ve worked on several pieces of artwork in the past for electronic music albums.


I have a very no-nonsense and pure approach to photography. My believe is that a captivating and good picture (for any purpose) can be created inside a camera.

I do as little post production as possible to get pure and real results. I don’t feel and don’t believe in over-manipulated photography.


Short C.V.

Studies: MBO – Multimedia Design (specialization) and ICT / HBO – Academy of Popculture (specialization audiovisual design)

Recent work: Fulltime music producer and photo enthusiast

Music: 10 years of experience in electronic music production.

Past work: Teacher in audiovisual videoproduction – Friesland College – Leeuwarden (1 year)

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French

Other skills: Graphic Design: Photoshop, Illustrator