I give private lessons to producers who want to elevate their production skills, sounddesign skills or general daw knowledge. I can also help you to get out of a writers block and get rid of bad production habits! I have over 15 years of experience with electronic music production, dj’ing and live performances. I have experienced many creative and technical struggles and can help you with this. I do ask that you have basic experience and a clear idea about your own musical direction.

If you are based in the region of Rotterdam I also give private classes on location. All lesson requests are handled via superprof.
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With 2 years experience as an audiovisual teacher (MBO, Intermediate vocational education) I have helped to guide many students with graduation assessments. I’ve worked with various big international record labels and toured extensively around the world as a live-act with various monikers. Apart from that I also learned how to setup your own label and work with rights organisations that represent your musical discography.

Electronic music production is a hands on field of work, you learn best by doing it and making mistakes. My belief is that we can cover a lot of essential creative and technical music production techniques via basic questions, struggles or subjects. I will feedback and develop a plan based on your current skills. An up to date selection of your current work allows me to determine where you are. We can set the focus on the right elements for your creative and technical development as a producer. It is my drive to motivate you with simple ideas and studio exercises. Inspiration and creativity are key here. We determine of course a point of focus, for example: mixing, arrangement, sounddesign etc

Possible questions you might have:
-How do I create my own sounds? (synthesis, sampling etc)
-How do I shape an album, what creative choices do I make?
-I’m stuck in a writers block, what can I do to break this?
-How do I get a vivid sound and hardware alike character in my tracks?
-How can I create space in a mix?
-How can I make my tracks/kicks sound fatter?
-What is the best way to build a liveset and how?
-What is the use of compression and how to use it?

Software DAW experience:
Ableton Live, Max 4 Live, Logic X, VCV rack, Propellerhead Reason

Native Instruments, Komplete, Spectrasonics, Reaktor, Arturia, PSP,
FAB, Waves, Audiodamage, Audiorealism etc..

Hardware Experience:
Kurzweil, synthesizers and effects
Roland, vintage analog to pcm/romplers & effects
Eventide, Korg, Kawai, Ensoniq, Elektron, Clavia, Moog,
Eurorack modular..

English, German(B1), French (B1), Dutch (Native)